Male Masturbation
Male Masturbation – Wanking, tossing off, spanking the monkey, bashing the bishop, dancing with Mrs. Palm and her five lovely daughters… there are as many terms for masturbating as there are ways to do it, and let’s face it, we all enjoy spending some alone time with our cock, some lube, and our private fantasies. It’s an ever-reliable method of relaxation. It relieves stress and headaches. It makes us feel good. It deals with the problem of boredom, sexual frustration,...
Make no mistake: your run-of-the-mill, traditional, video-based online pornography absolutely has its place, and most of us have our favourite tube sites and performers that we return to again and again. No matter what kind of porn you’re into – be it the polished professional studios, pumping out fantasies of flawless beauties having sex in increasingly unlikely positions, or the glut of grainy, homemade filth featuring the kind of men and women we live and work alongside – there’s more...
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