Literotica: 20 Best Free Literotica Sex Story Sites

Make no mistake: your run-of-the-mill, traditional, video-based online pornography absolutely has its place, and most of us have our favourite tube sites and performers that we return to again and again. No matter what kind of porn you’re into – be it the polished professional studios, pumping out fantasies of flawless beauties having sex in increasingly unlikely positions, or the glut of grainy, homemade filth featuring the kind of men and women we live and work alongside – there’s more than enough video porn out there to suit every kink, every taste, and every personal preference. But have you tried Literotica?

Despite the vast quantities of porn out there on the internet, offering scenes of every sex act imaginable, there’s an increasing interest in a real alternative to this kind of content. Sex stories and erotica have always been around, and have always attracted something of a cult following since the earliest days of the internet (and indeed, for the hundreds of years that preceded it). However, erotic stories sites and dirty fanfiction have perhaps never been as popular as they are right now… and there are plenty of reasons why this might be the case.

Why Read Literotica?

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, there’s the fact that no matter how niche or tailor-made a porn video might be, there is simply nothing more erotic and arousing than the power of the human imagination. Our innermost fantasies and our ability to customise stories in our minds is, by a considerable distance, the key to the success of erotica, and its ability to get us off in an entirely different way than is possible with video-based porn.

Secondly, sex stories are, quite literally, limitless in their scope and free from almost any imaginable restrictions. Stories online can delve into more taboo subjects than might be possible for mainstream porn streaming sites, and they can switch between genres, between harsh realism to utterly bonkers fantasy, with the greatest of ease. Want sex stories featuring anal-loving vampires? Or erotica involving mind control in an alternative version of ancient Rome? Or erotic tales of busty loving wives, horny teen cheerleaders, or randy uncles? All of this (and much, much more) can be found with ease on sex story sites online.

The best part about all of this? The stories provide the framework on which your own, personalised fantasies can be projected. The stage may be set by the author… but it’s our own brains, our own kinky imaginations, which dress the actors and envisage their faces – and what could be hotter than that? So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the incredible world of sex stories, online erotica, and the power and popularity of literotica.

What Is Literotica?

What is Literotica?

While there are many erotica and sex stories sites out there on the ever-expanding internet, the undisputed king of the hill is Literotica; a vast, sprawling, and endlessly satisfying collection of seemingly unlimited filthy stories, ranging from masterworks of erotic literature to short, steamy pulp pieces which get straight to the point. Since its inception, Literotica has dominated its niche, and grew to become by far the biggest site of its kind. Free, varied, and simple in its design, there’s little wonder it is such a behemoth in the world of erotica and porn stories, and the numbers speak for themselves: site statistics show that an average year rakes in over six hundred million unique visits on search engines.

The reasons for the overwhelming success of Literotica? Well, where to begin? We’d argue that this massive library of erotic stories owes its popularity to a number of different sources, but the most pertinent would be the fact that it is completely, 100% free (the sites do feature some advertising for the usual array of sex toys, live cam services, and porn streaming sites, but the ads themselves are surprisingly unobtrusive, and never pop up during your browsing, preferring to sit neatly above the search bar). Furthermore, Literotica successfully divides all of its countless thousands of stories into easily-searchable categories and keywords. The main categories include:

  • Anal Penetration Stories: have a longing for the tightness, the taboo, and the unique thrill of anal sex and ass play? On Literotica, you’ll find tens of thousands of stories focused primarily on the butt, written from first-hand perspectives, or exploring the fantasies of the talented writers.
  • Fetish Stories: we’ve all got our individual kinks and secret desires. Whether you’re into feet, cross-dressing, pegging, food, panties, stockings, or pretty much anything else imaginable, you’ll find stories on Literotica which take you deep into fantasy realms that feel as though they’re tailor-made just for you.
  • Loving Wives: Sometimes, there’s nothing more erotic than reading about the exploits of those married couples who love to keep the flame of passion alive. Whether that involves some new toys, some hot backdoor action, or bringing a new friend into the marriage… well, let’s just say the wives in this section are about as open-minded as they come!
  • Gay Male: for men who love men, or men curious about male-centric erotica, or women looking to have some fun reading all about what men get up to behind closed doors, Literotica features a wealth of gay smut that really hits the high notes!
  • Mind Control: Ever read erotica about hypnosis, manipulation, and mind control? You might be surprised at just how popular and well-populated this section is, and perhaps even more surprised at just how hot and horny it is to read about people dominating others with the power of the mind.

… and this is just a short taster of the huge range of categories for the stories on Literotica.

Furthermore, if you have a very specific type of story you want to enjoy, or a highly niche kink that needs satisfying, Literotica also offers a keyword search option, meaning you can pinpoint exactly the kind of erotic story that will get you off the best. Nice!

On top of all this, Literotica just keeps growing and growing. Not only are new stories posted every single day, both by established erotica writers and total newbies, but the possibilities of what the site offers as a porn and erotica portal also keeps expanding. Today, Literotica hosts its own live sex cam service, a bank of aural erotica clips, chatrooms, a personal ad service, a toy store… the list goes on and on.

Are there any drawbacks? Well, not really – Literotica genuinely manages to be a fantastic example of a ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’ kind of stories site; it offers a massive array of erotica stories and stories involving everybody from naughty nurses to your favourite celebrities.

If we were to pinpoint any negative side, it would undoubtedly come down to the ‘look’ of the site itself. Literotica clearly hasn’t been updated from a design perspective in well over a decade (perhaps even longer), and on first inspection, it does look a bit like a craigslist-style listings site; plain, boring, and ugly to the extreme. However, one could reasonably argue that the stripped-down aesthetics of Literotica allows you to focus more on the erotic content and dirty fanfiction found within. The stories are laid out on a plain white background, and there really are no distractions from the internal fantasies the stories allow you to create.

While nobody could deny that Literotica really is the head honcho of sex story sites online, it’s far from the only one out there. In fact, dig a little deeper around the stories and erotica providers on the internet, and you’ll find plenty of other, similar sites, offering their own take on what Literotica claims to do best. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main ones worth exploring.

The 20 Best Free Sex Story Sites like Literotica

Free Sex Story Sites like Literotica

From niche providers of stories guaranteed to get you hot and bothered, to collections of more gentle erotica and female-friendly stories, there is a sex stories site for everybody online. Here are twenty of our absolute favourites for you to explore and enjoy.

  1. Noveltrove

One of the most popular erotica stories sites online is – a huge collection of beautifully written stories which is completely free to access. Fans of Noveltrove love it for a wide range of reasons, but topping them all off is the fact that this site is really aesthetically pleasing, and beautifully put together; browsing through its wide variety of stories really is a pleasant and sexy experience from start to finish!

Noveltrove’s USP is based around the decision to keep their content on the lighter, safer, more ‘erotica’ side of the world of sex stories. As such, you’ll find plenty of horny content on this site, but you won’t find stories of non-consent and reluctance, relatively little BDSM material, and no incest or taboo stories. As such, if you like your stories on the softer side, Noveltrove is a fantastic choice for you.

  1. Lushstories

With over 350,000 naughty members all looking to read, create, and share sex stories and erotica, lushstories really does feel at times more like an adult social network than a stories site.

That’s no bad thing: part of the fun of lushstories is getting to know the other members, having naughty chats in the many, many chatrooms, before diving into the 50+ categories of sex stories which range from anal to BDSM, classic erotica to bisexual, group sex to celebrity fanfiction. There’s also a great range of aural erotica clips to enjoy, poems, chain stories, and many more features besides.

  1. BDSMCafe

If you start looking online, it’s easy to find stories sites which have been set up to cater to very specific kinks and niche sexual preferences. Few, if any, manage to do it as well, or with such panache as you’ll find at BDSMCafe.

This website has been superbly designed, and really offers what feels like a deluxe encounter with the heady world of bondage and sadomasochism; you’ll find short stories and poems, longer pieces of prose fiction, entire books on BDSM subjects, and even a wealth of informative material for those looking to get into a dom/sub relationship. Once you’re signed up, you’ll also be able to interact with an incredibly friendly and open community of like-minded BDSM fans, which will undoubtedly open doors to spicing up your love life!

  1. SoloTouch

As the name suggests, SoloTouch is a stories and erotica websote based around self-pleasure and masturbation, and quite a lot of the content on the site concerns ways to take your masturbatory techniques and fantasies to an entirely new level of delight. There are, as of right now, a few thousand stories on the site, meaning there is plenty to explore (the stories are spread across nine key categories, which each have their own sub-categories) in your search for content to enjoy. With SoloTouch, you’re able to foster a more positive attitude towards your own sexuality, helped along by a community of writers and creatives who feel the same way. What’s not to love?

  1. BDSMLibrary

BDSMLibrary is, you’ll be delighted to discover, much more than a collection of sexy stories; it’s a veritable portal into everything you need to know about BDSM, the sadomasochistic lifestyle, and how to develop a dom/sub relationship or dynamic of your own. Sure, you have plenty of hot and steamy stories, featuring all the chains, whips, leathers, and pvc garments your imagination could possibly handle (alongside plenty of other fetishes, too) – but you also have a stunning library of photos, semi-professional photoshoots by other members, and movie clips and homemade porn to get off too once you’ve had your fill of the erotica.

Signing up for membership is totally free and only takes a matter of seconds, and once you’re inside, you’ll find plenty to excite at BDSMLibrary. It might even become your favourite kink site online!

  1. JuicySexStories

Another fantastic stories site in the same vein as Literotica is JuicySexStories, where you’ll find a treasure trove of kinky, naughty, and – yes – juicy sex stories to indulge in. You don’t need to sign up for a membership (which is free) in order to enjoy the content on the site, but membership does allow you to get involved with the other people in the community, enjoy the online chat rooms, and gain access to certain other areas of the site.

One of the really nice features of JuicySexStories is the fact that longer stories and eBooks on the site are free to download to your mobile device or laptop, meaning you can enjoy the naughty fantasies on offer no matter where you are. The quality of the content is tip-top, and there’s so much on this site, it would be impossible to get bored of the fantasies on offer.

  1. FictionMania

If you’re turned on by transvestites, cross-dressing, shemales, ladyboys, and transexuals of all shapes and sizes, you won’t believe your eyes when checking out the horny stories available at FictionMania, surely the net’s biggest and best collection of TV/TS stories. It might be a little lo-fi in its design (and we really mean that – the whole site looks as though it was pieced together in 1994 and hasn’t been refreshed since), but let’s face it, fans of FictionMania don’t love this portal for its aesthetics. This site is all about horny, naughty, filthy stories of encounters with chicks with dicks… and we adore it for that very reason alone.

  1. CHYOA

It seems it was only a matter of time before interactivity became a key aspect of all types of porn and erotica, and CHYOA (which we suppose stands for ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’, or something) is possibly the best example of how it has been applied to the world of sex stories. On this site, you’ll find thousands of different stories, each featuring an array of kinks and fetishes, which allow you to direct which way the story goes by a series of alternative endings and scenarios. It’s definitely a unique and novel way of writing and reading erotica, and we love how the stories always provide satisfaction… no matter which direction you decide to take them in!

  1. Adult Erotica Stories

This sex stories site really is a nice, reliable, and varied collection of erotica and porn stories, designed clearly with the horny user in mind. It’s sleek, it’s simple, and it isn’t overrun with ads (because who wants to see pop-ups when you’re getting your imagination in gear?), making Adult Erotica Stories a rock-solid option when looking for stories to get your imaginative juices flowing. The only real downside to this site is that the authors (many of whom are clearly extremely talented) aren’t credited for their work: all submitted stories go through the site managers. It’s not the end of the world by any means, and it doesn’t affect the content whatsoever, it’s just nice when you can follow the work of a particular author whose style really fits your preferences.

  1. ASSTR

ASSTR stands for the Alternative Sex Stories Text Repository – not the sexiest name in the world, granted, but who cares when it contains content this good? The ASSTR has something of a cult following in the world of online sex stories, and it really isn’t hard to see why: the quality of writing on this site really is a cut above many of the others, and it’s easy to find the creme de la creme of the site thanks to its internal ranking system. As for the layout of the site, the less said is probably the better – this is yet another stories portal which looks as though it was last refreshed twenty years ago. Yet, once again, this really doesn’t matter when the stories are among the steamiest on the web!

  1. EroticaTale

It might not be the biggest collection of hot and horny online sex stories out there, but Erotica Tale is clearly growing day by day, and thanks to its neat design, arousing category photos, and wide range of erotica categories, it’s sure to continue developing in the near future. The section on anal sex is particularly well populated with naughty stories, and you’ll also find plenty of taboo material involving incest and celebrity fanfiction on this site, too. All in all, Erotica Tale is a site to watch, and it’s sure to satisfy those seeking stories that will really turn them on.

  1. Nifty

With a heritage dating all the way back to 1992, it’s fair to say that Nifty is something of an online treasure when it comes to stories sites aiming to get you hot and bothered! Nifty is primarily an LGBTQ+ stories site, and has a particular emphasis on gay male stories featuring – among other themes – bears, twinks, and gay-on-straight male sex. However, there is enough bi, lesbian, and TV/TS content on this massive site to please all members of the broad LGBTQ+ community, as well as those curious about dipping their toes into the scene in the privacy of their own imaginations.

Due to the fact that it has been around since the very earliest years of the internet, it should come as no surprise that Nifty features a LOT of stories – over 265,000, in fact!

  1. Adult Fanfiction

For those looking for dirty stories, erotic literature, and erotic stories involving colourful casts of naughty, slutty characters, Adult Fanfiction is a reliable choice, and a real favourite among a growing number of erotica fans. The colour scheme of the site might be a real mistake (honestly – who thinks dirty brown is sexy?), but if you’re on the lookout for content that’s sure to hit the right spots, it’s a top site to visit and spend some time browsing.

Adult Fanfiction is primarily about – you guessed it – fanfiction, and features huge quantities of stories featuring your favourite TV show characters, film franchises, public figures, fictional characters from literature, and much more besides. Ever wanted to know what Buffy was like in bed, or how much Kylie Minogue loves anal sex? Here’s your chance…

  1. Xnxx Stories

Most porn fans are already more than familiar with Xnxx, as one of the most popular porn sites on the net where you can easily get your fill of naughty videos exploring every kink known to man. Relatively recently, Xnxx decided to get involved in the world of sex stories and erotica, and Xnxx Stories was born.

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One thing you need to know about Xnxx Stories is that it receives a LOT of traffic, and there are a massive number of submissions every single day. While this does present the downside of there being slightly lower quality stories on this site than on others, the sheer quantity of material also means you’re likely to find stories which tick all the right boxes for your horny needs.

  1. Reddit Erotica

While Reddit’s Erotica sites aren’t exactly stories sites in their own right, rather sprawling chains of stories, experiences, and hastily-written fantasies joined by Reddit’s rather brilliantly accessible system, it’s worth mentioning this site as one of the fastest growing collections of sex stories on the web. With thousands upon thousands of active members, and new content being posted all day every day, it would be impossible to grow weary of this site and the stories you’ll find within.

One of the best things about Reddit as a place in which to find erotica and sex stories is that there is a high level of interaction between author and reader. Comments and feedback are encouraged, and specific fantasies can be requested and tailor made. How cool is that?

  1. McStories

No, your favourite fast food joint hasn’t started producing erotic stories (and thank goodness for that!) – the ‘MC’ in this site’s name refers to ‘mind control’, a growing kink within the online erotica community. Mind control erotica is essentially an extension of BDSM which injects a futuristic or fantasy element… and it can be incredibly hot when written well.

As you might expect from a niche site like McStories, there are plenty of subcategories explored on this site that you probably won’t find on the more mainstream portals. Ever wanted to read superhero porn packed with mind reading domination? Well, this site has plenty of it, and much more besides. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

  1. Hyper Dreams

Again, Hyper Dreams isn’t one of the biggest or most well-populated free stories sites out there on the web, but there’s no denying the quality of the naughty content you’ll find within its neatly categorised subsections. There are classic erotica stories, anal sex tales, BDSM adventures and group sex shenanigans aplenty in this rather elegant-looking website, meaning there’s plenty to explore and no shortage of horny material to get involved in.

  1. Sex, Life, and Everything

Some would argue that Sex, Life, and Everything isn’t a proper sex stories site at all. We would heartily disagree. While this site is primarily a blog run by a very, very adventurous couple, it features plenty of guest posts by other writers, life lessons written by the site owners, erotic fiction, fanfiction involving both real and imaginary characters, and tips and tricks for a better and more satisfying erotic life. OK – so it isn’t the place to head to if you’re searching for a descriptive tale about your favourite niche kink or fetish, but if you want to read some real life escapades that are guaranteed to make you horny, it’s a great choice to opt for!

  1. Mr Racy

This site is primarily an online store for sex toys and erotic aids of all shapes, sizes, and types… and if you’re into vibrators, dildos, and butt plugs, you really find everything you could possibly wish for here. However, Mr. Racy is also home to a vibrant and fast-growing collection of sex stories submitted by a very active online community, and it seems the number of stories posted grows day by day. From anal to group sex, from lesbian encounters to cruel tales of cuckolded husbands and their slutty wives, there really is something for everybody here!

  1. Indian Sex Stories

If you’re into sex stories with a very specific Asian flavour, then Indian Sex Stories is the site for you! This erotic stories portal has been around for years and years, and demonstrates clearly the appetite that Indians both in the subcontinent and around the world have for horny stories packed with deliciously dirty characters! There are plenty of subsections to explore, and also stories in Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, and other alphabets (although the majority have been submitted in English). Whether you are an erotica fan of Indian origin yourself, or are just a big fan of Asian babes and their exotic charms, this site is guaranteed to catch your interest!

10 Best Literotica Audio Sites

Literotica Audio Sites

Who says porn has to be watched or read, anyway? For many of us, there’s no sex like aural sex, and listening to erotic stories and audio porn can be a super-highway to orgasm city, allowing the imagination to take control in truly thrilling and mind-blowing ways. Here are ten aural erotica sites you simply have to check out. Thank us later!

  1. Aural Honey

Do British accents turn you on? Of course they do! This beautifully pieced-together collection of audio erotica is curated and read by a mysterious young lady who describes herself as an ‘English tea addict with a deliciously dirty mind’ – and that really sounds like our idea of perfection! From sweet, romantic stories to downright filthy daddy-play, there’s something for every fan of aural erotica here.

  1. r/Gonewildaudio

Naturally, Reddit has an erotic audio subreddit filled to the gills with naughty stories, real-life recordings of sex noises, and plenty of JOI (that’s jerk-off instructions for the uninitiated) that range from the genuinely arousing and erotic to the faintly ridiculous. Thanks to Reddit’s unique structure, there’s loads of scope for interaction and instant feedback, meaning if you can’t find a story that suits your needs, the chances are, someone will be willing to make one for you.

  1. Audio Orgasm

Even though Tumblr changed its rules in 2019, much to the disappointment of those who used this site for all their porn and fantasy needs, there are enough loopholes to ensure that sites like Audio Orgams Porn can continue existing uninhibited. This site allows Tumblr users to upload their own recordings, which range from fully fleshed-out erotic adventures to aural porn of the simplest, most gutteral, and most animalistic nature… and who doesn’t love listening to that?

  1. Sounds of Pleasure

The title might make it sound like the kind of easy-listening record your grandmother might play before falling asleep in her chair, but trust us, this submission-based aural porn site is anything but. Users upload their own recordings, which mainly revolve around sounds of masturbation and sex, and the rest of us get ourselves off listening to them.

  1. Lush Stories

If you like your erotica to have storylines, characters, and overall arcs alongside the hardcore pleasure and deeply sexual content, than Lush Stories is definitely going to help you get your rocks off, so to speak. This user-submitted site really takes the narrative aspect of sex stories to the next level, with many of the stories on the portal packing a genuine emotional punch as well as plenty of steamy action.

  1. Audible

That’s right – the Amazon audiobooks site is actually a treasure trove of aural sex stories just waiting to be uncovered. In fact, fans of Audible porn stories claim that the fact their favourite filthy audio erotica comes through a ‘respectable’ platform only makes it all the more exciting… and who are we to argue?

  1. Girl on the Net

There’s no secret as to why GOTN has become something of a cult site for audio erotica fans. The way the mystery femme fatale writes and reads her erotic stories is deeply thrilling and exciting, and new stories from her silken voice are met with genuine anticipation! Imaginative, unexpected, and occasionally seriously filthy, they’re a wonder to behold each and every time.

  1. Quinn

There has been a massive trend in recent years in JOI and ‘guided masturbation’ – something for which audio erotica does better than any other medium. Snapchat’s fast-growing sister site, Quinn, packs in plenty of steamy stories and JOI fantasies, which never fail to please!

  1. Kiss The Rose

If you like your erotic audio and dirty fanfiction created with a genuinely deft hand for storytelling and craftsmanship, then Kiss the Rose is going to be nothing short of a revelation. Featuring aural erotica produced by some of the greatest talents on the scene, it’s one of the best collections of stories out there on the web to plug into and drift off into sexual fantasyland.

  1. Nimja Hypnosis

Hypnosis erotica is a fascinating sector of the audio erotica industry, as it goes beyond simple storytelling and into hypnosis-inducing scenarios which really put you in the picture. Fans claim that in their trance state, they experience the strongest orgasms, and it also claims to feature stories which can help with performance anxiety, sexual self-confidence, and erectile dysfunction. Remarkable!

10 Must-Read Literotica Books

Literotica Books

As you probably know, it can be difficult to wade through the enormous quantities of erotic fiction, sex stories, literotica submissions, and miscellaneous erotica out there on the internet. As such, we’ve decided to put together ten of our all-time favourite erotic eBooks for you to enjoy, each of which contains plenty of naughty action, dirty adventures, and passionate encounters to get your imagination going!

  1. Big Booty by Cairo

If you like stories of empowered women using their sexuality and body to get what they want, then Big Booty is sure to hit the right spots! This erotic story follows Cassandra, a sexy, powerful, horny young woman with curves in all the right places as she discovers the raw potency of her sexuality… and how she can use it to rise to the very top of the ghetto she grew up in.

  1. Beyond Shame by Kit Rocha

This labyrinthine story has more than a touch of YA-style dystopia about it, and tells the story of Noelle’s passion for her cage-fighter paramour, Jasper. Together, their unbridled passion and intense lust for one another will change everything… but at what cost?

  1. Hardwired by Meredith Wild

For fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, this horny tale of power, money, and control definitely ticks all the right boxes! Erica is an independent and creative woman, who never imagined she could be seduced by dashing billionaire Blake. As soon as he sees her, though, he knows he has to have her… but could getting Erica in his bed be the toughest challenge he’s yet faced?

  1. Mechanic by Alexa Riley

Paine is a tough, alpha-male mechanic, who always gets into the panties of the girls he desires. One day, an innocent rich girl blessed with bouncing curves and a smooth, supple body walks into his garage, and as soon as Paine discovers she’s a virgin, he decides nothing will stop him from being her first.

  1. The Sex Chronicles by Zane

Three stories interweave with each other, presenting the raw sexuality of confident, powerful, and beautiful African-American women in all its glory. From naughty housewives with kinky fantasies to a secret society of highly-sexed women, this collection gets hot and horny from the very first pages, and is impossible to put down!

  1. Claimed by Evangeline Anderson

If you’re seeking some sci-fi tinged erotica, then Claimed is going to take you on a voyage of erotic discovery unlike any other! It tells the tale of The Kindred, a race of alien warriors who demand human female wives as repayment for their rescuing of the Earth in a galactic battle. Olivia is one such bride, who – despite her efforts – feels carnal passions stirring in her loins for her extra-terrestrial master.

  1. Night is Darkest by Jayne Rylon

Who doesn’t love a hot and steamy threesome story? Lacey is mourning a close family member when she turns to two male friends for emotional support, which quickly turns into a series of menage-a-trois taking her to heights of double pleasure unlike any she’s encountered before.

  1. Glutton for Pleasure by Alisha Rai

In this exotic tale of Indian love and sex, Devi discovers that passion can be found in the most unlikely of places. After being introduced to not one, but two handsome men, each with what it takes to make a girl weak at the knees, she finds that gluttony for sex is the most pleasurable of all sins!

  1. Finding Master Right by Sparrow Beckett

Finding a master isn’t an easy task, especially in an age of sexual equality and pussyfooting around in the bedroom. However, Kate is a submissive girl through-and-through, and desires nothing more than to be dominated by a powerful man who knows how to bring her to orgasm after orgasm. Could unpredictable Banner be the one?

  1. Love Machine by Kendall Ryan

When friends become hot lovers, fireworks will surely fly. In this steamy erotic story by the ever-reliable pen of Kendall Ryan, Keaton turns to her best friend Slate for help overcoming her sexual inhibitions. He’s only too happy to help, and a wild and lust-soaked adventure begins. The question remains… what happens once lessons are learnt, and lines are crossed?

Discover the Literotic Power of Sex Stories

As we’ve seen, there really is no shortage whatsoever of erotic stories, sex stories of all sorts and for all kinks, and aural erotica out there on the internet, just waiting to be discovered. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even end up joining the hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts for written erotica and literotica, who firmly believe that the imagination is the most potent of erogenous organs… and who know that a well-written piece of erotica can be infinitely more arousing than even the sexiest porn video!

With more and more erotica and sex stories being written every single day, and a broader variety of steamy stories making their way onto platforms such as Literotica, there’s never been a better time to get into this type of content. In fact, it’s safe to say that no matter how obscure your fetishes, and no matter how demanding or kinky your desires, there’s bound to be hundreds – if not more – stories online, just waiting to be enjoyed by you.

The only question that remains is: what are you waiting for?

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