Male Masturbation

40 Male Masturbation Techniques from Easy to Advanced

Male Masturbation – Wanking, tossing off, spanking the monkey, bashing the bishop, dancing with Mrs. Palm and her five lovely daughters… there are as many terms for masturbating as there are ways to do it, and let’s face it, we all enjoy spending some alone time with our cock, some lube, and our private fantasies. It’s an ever-reliable method of relaxation. It relieves stress and headaches. It makes us feel good. It deals with the problem of boredom, sexual frustration, and not knowing what to do with our hands (and that’s a good enough excuse to wank, right?), and it also helps us to know what we like sexually, and what gets us going. Recent studies even suggest that regular wanking can even help reduce the risk of prostate and testicular cancer, as daily ejaculation will flush out toxins which gather in the penis.

The simple fact of the matter is that almost all men wank, and actually, almost all men masturbate on a pretty frequent basis. Surveys claim that up to 95% of men have masturbated at some point in their lives (and to be honest, we reckon that other 5% are probably lying), and around 20% of men in their 20s do so around four times per week. Yes, we agree: those figures seem a little low – although if someone asked us to complete a survey based on how much we masturbate, it’s likely we’d probably bend the facts a little, too.

As we get more accustomed to masturbation and playing with our cock on a regular basis, most of us settle into a routine based upon what works, what we like, and what is able to get us off fairly quickly and satisfactorily. However, by sticking to a routine, and repeating the same hand to cock technique or techniques over and over again, we’re actually denying ourselves a whole world of pleasure and sensory excitement. Sure, a hand, some lube, your cock, and a head full of slutty images gets the job done… but what if we told you we have some new techniques you could apply to your cock, which are able to blow your mind (and your penis) with pleasurable sensations that really take masturbation to a whole new level?

Sounds good, right? Of course it does! As men, we’re pretty much always on the lookout for new ways to pleasure our penis – that’s what that bottle of lube on your nightstand is there for, and when sex isn’t available or isn’t an option, it’s the best way to spend some alone time with your cock. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in there, and take a look at forty different masturbation techniques that will really give your orgasms the edge, and give your cock some serious happy time.

Just a quick note about how this blog works: we’ve split all of these masturbation techniques into basic, intermediate, and expert levels, so you’ll be able to find the one which works best for you and your cock. We’ll also let you know whether lube is required or whether you can stroke your penis with this masturbation technique without the use of your trusty lube bottle, too. So, if you’re ready, let’s begin. You can thank us later!

Part 1: Basic Male Masturbation Techniques to Get You Started

Just purchased your first bottle of lube? Haven’t had much time or opportunity to explore your cock, or find out what your penis likes when it comes to masturbation? These beginner’s wanking techniques are perfect for those getting started when it comes to self-pleasure and finding a technique that works for you. Think of them as a reliable, dependable foundation course in spanking the monkey – those you’ll return to time after time, and adapt in your own way to fit your body, your hand, your head, and your cock. Let’s go!

The Newbie

Lube optional

Let’s start at the very beginning, and look at the classic masturbation technique we all know and love. The chances are, you’ve already got this down, but just in case, let’s go through the classic wanking technique that’s guaranteed to please your cock.

Begin by gripping your cock with your closed hand (not too tightly, unless that’s your thing), and wrap your fingers around the front with your thumb around the side next to your body. Unless you’re blessed with a particularly thick cock, it’s likely your thumb and fingers will meet. What’s next? Well, this masturbation method just calls for you to move your hand up and down, up and down, up and down in a steady rhythm, causing friction to bring pleasure to the glans (or head) of your penis. Eventually, you’re going to ejaculate, at which point you can speed up or slow right down depending on how you’re feeling.

Circumcised chaps will probably want to get some lube for this particular masturbation technique – it helps to lube both the cock and your dominant hand before kicking things off. Men who still have their foreskin will probably be just fine without lube, as the foreskin’s movements up and over the glans will create the required stimulation. Easy peasy!

OK Go!

Lube Optional

This is a similar technique for wanking as described in the ‘newbie’ technique, but this time, you want to just place your thumb and index finger around the shaft of your cock (like the classic ‘OK’ sign) while moving the hand up and down. This creates a slightly different sensation, caused by the fact that there is less emphasis on the highly sensitive glans of the penis. For this reason, it might be better for those looking for slightly prolonged pleasure, and is ideal for those who tend to come a little too quickly.

You can use lube for this masturbation technique if you want to mix things up a bit, but to be honest, it isn’t really necessary. At the end of the day, it’s your cock, your wank, and your call entirely.

Boxer Rubbing

(Lube not necessary)

This is a really enjoyable way to masturbate without getting your clothes off, but be warned, it can result in some need to clean up afterwards. But really – it’s worth a quick spin in the washing machine once you’re done.

All it requires is for you to wear your favourite boxer shorts (soft and silky ones are absolutely the best, as the sensation will be heightened and cotton could be too abrasive), achieve an erection, and then get rubbing on your glans through the fabric. The feeling of your sensitive cock head being rubbed by your hand, and the sensation of the silky material stimulating your nerve endings should bring you to orgasm in no time at all. You’ll want to retract your foreskin (if you have one) before giving this masturbation technique a try, just so you know.

The Royal Ascot

(Lube recommended)

We’ve seen this jockey-style masturbation technique referred to as ‘the Grand National’, the ‘Kentucky Derby’, and a whole load of other horse-related names… but there’s something a bit more sophisticated about Royal Ascot, so we’ll stick with that one (top hat is, of course, optional).

All you have to do is grip your cock at the base, and create a ‘hand tunnel’ with your other hand, which will simulate a vagina, anus, mouth, or whatever orifice you fancy fantasizing about. Pump your hips in and out – like the jockey that the name alludes to – and take your cock to happy town. The nice thing about this basic masturbation technique is that it’s easy to feel as though you’re stimulating sex, thanks to the hip thrusting movements and the tunnel created by your trusty lubed-up hands.


(Lube recommended)

This is one of the more unusual basic masturbation techniques, but there’s no denying the fact that – if you get it right, and are in the correct position – it can be highly pleasurable, bringing really nice sensations to your cock.

You want to hold the head of your penis in one hand, which should be nicely loaded with your favourite silky lube, and then use your other hand to pull your balls downwards. By doing this, you’ll be stimulating your testicles (which are an oft-overlooked part of your penis when it comes to wanking), and also causing the head of your penis to thrust up and down in your hand. It’s a simple yet effective way to stimulate both the upper and lower parts of your cock at the same time, and one of the best ways to orgasm while experiencing some ball-based pleasure.

Thumb Time

(lube recommended)

Ever heard of your F-Spot? A lot of guys haven’t… which is a real shame, as knowing how to manipulate it is a surefire way of pleasuring your cock when you’re spending some alone time. Your F-Spot is your frenulum – the small, v-shaped section on the front of the head of the penis, where the glans meets the shaft. It’s packed full of sensitive nerve endings, and when stimulated, can produce highly pleasurable sensations that will rocket your cock towards orgasm. This masturbation technique is a great introduction to F-Spot stimulation, and one we’re sure you’ll love.

Basically, it’s another variation on the ‘newbie’ position described earlier, but this time, you move your hand so that your thumb is on the underside of your penis. Therefore, as you stroke your cock with plenty of lube, you can rub your thumb against your frenulum, thus heightening the intensity of your orgasm.

Arm Sliding

(Lube recommended)

For most men, the underside of the forearm is where you’ll find your softest, smoothest patch of skin… perfect for rubbing your penis against when masturbating! This simple masturbation technique really just calls for you to rub your erection against your upturned forearm, where the softness of that area of skin can stimulate your cock very nicely indeed.

When trying this masturbation method, it’s best to lube up beforehand, and then experiment with different strokes, different speeds, and different angles and directions. You’ll soon find the best position for yourself, and be hitting those sweet sensations with this unique approach to wanking.

The Big Pinch

(Lube recommended)

Hey – don’t panic! This isn’t a masochistic exercise, and you’re not going to be actually pinching your cock with this masturbation technique. Instead, this wanking method is all about focusing the pleasure and the sensations on the sensitive glans of the penis, using a pinching action with your thumb and fingertips to rub up and down on the head (it’s not the nicest metaphor, but imagine one of those claw machines at the fair, where you have to try and pinch a teddy bear. Got it? Great).

Place your thumb and fingers around the head of your cock, and start massaging up and down. This is a great method for those who want to cum quickly and hard… so get ready to hit that sweet spot in record time!

Polishing the Helmet

(Lube recommended)

Here’s another absolute classic method for you, and one which never fails to send chills up and down your spine! Just like the last masturbation technique, this one focuses primarily on the glans of the cock, leading to a very sensitive and tingly orgasm that you’re guaranteed to want to revisit again and again.

Simply grip the base of the penis in one hand, and use the other to rub the tip. However, this technique calls for using the flat of the palm to stimulate the head of your cock, and rubbing in a circular motion until climax is achieved. Trust us, you’ll need a ton of lube for this one, as the sensations will just be far too sensitive without it.

The Art of the Edge

(Lube optional)

Edging is a self-pleasure technique that grew out of the BDSM community, where you’ll find no shortage of kinky ways to prolong or deny pleasure. Don’t worry though – you don’t need any whips, chains, or PVC pants to enjoy edging as part of your normal masturbation routine, and you’ll find that it’s a great way to heighten your pleasure to the absolute maximum.

What is edging? Well, simply put, it’s the art of bringing yourself right to the brink of orgasm, and then backing away ‘from the edge’, before doing it all over again. And then again. And then again. And then… well, you get the point. The idea is to reach the point of no return at the moment bringing yourself off becomes utterly irresistible, by which point, you will have ‘edged’ enough times to make your orgasm a proper earth-trembling ordeal. You can use any masturbation method for edging, so stick with your favourite, and see how many times you can resist!

The Two-Fister

(Lube optional)

Alright, we get it – not all of us are lucky enough to be able to masturbate properly with two hands, as it’s the kind of thing that requires a bit of length in the shaft. However, if you’re able to, then you definitely should be using this technique as a key part of your wanking repertoire. After all, the more hand to cock coverage you can get, the closer your masturbation sessions are going to feel like real sex.

If you’ve still got a foreskin, the two-fister technique is a great way to stimulate the shaft and the head of you cock at the same time, as the pumping action will pull your foreskin back and forth over your glans. If you’re circumcised, I guess this method of masturbation is going to be just the same as the ‘newbie’ technique… only with two hands. Double the fun!

Turning Lefty

(Lube optional)

More than 90% of people in the world are right-handed, and so it’s probably safe to say that the vast majority of us masturbate with our right hands. And if you’re left-handed, well, as that’s your dominant hand, it’s most likely your wanking hand, too. However, switching it up to your non-dominant hand can be a lot of fun, and provide a totally new perspective on masturbation that provides a bit of relief from the norm. So why not give it a try?

Interestingly, a lot of forum activity is claiming that men nowadays are actually switching to their non-dominant hand a lot more than we might expect. Why? Because the dominant hand is used for clicking the mouse and typing into search bars. We’re sure you can fill in the gaps as to why this is significant when it comes to jerking off.

Remember the Balls

(Lube not necessary)

If you’ve ever flicked through the sex advice pages of Cosmopolitan magazine, then the chances are that you’ve seen column after column telling readers how important it is to play with men’s balls during sex. While some of the techniques recommended slide into the, um, well, unorthodox in these magazines, it’s certainly true that the testicles are very sensitive, and bringing them into your masturbation sessions is a great way of heightening sensations and bringing yourself off more intensely.

So, next time you’re jerking off, why not reach down and give the twins a bit of a massage? Cup your balls, massage them lightly, jiggle them a little in your palms… none of it is particularly necessary, but most men enjoy a bit of ball play, and it’s a great way to make your wank that little bit more relaxing.

Hit the F Spot

(lube required)

As we mentioned before, the F-Spot, or frenulum, is one of the most sensitive areas of the penis, as well as one of the most commonly overlooked or neglected. This masturbation technique focuses primarily on this highly arousing area of your cock, and allows you to figure out exactly how you like it to be played with.

Put a blob of your favourite lube on your index finger, and start rubbing your frenulum in circular motions or up and down – it’s guaranteed to be highly pleasurable, and some men can even orgasm just by doing this.

Nipple Play

(lube optional)

We often think of the male nipple as being a wholly useless part of men’s anatomy, and it’s fair to say that when it comes to practical uses, there’s not a whole lot that they’re good for. Start bringing a bit of nipple play into your masturbation techniques, however, and you’ll quickly discover that the nipple is a highly sensitive area that can heighten your orgasm when manipulated just the way you like it. Believe it or not, some men and women can orgams solely through nipple stimulation… and I guess there’s really only one way you can find out if you’re one of them.

Next time you’re jerking off and imagining having sex with someone, use your free hand to pinch, twist, flick, or rub one or both of your nipples. Who knows? It could be a surefire way to make you orgasm harder than ever!

Bang the Drum

(Lube not needed)

If you own a pair of boxes which are just a little bit too tight (especially when your cock is hard and begging to be played with), then this masturbation technique is perfect for you. Instead of pulling your penis free and spanking the monkey all the way to the wank bank, why not keep your cock in your pants and make yourself orgasm a different way?

In order for this masturbation method to work, you want to stay so that your erection is pressed against your boxers, and the underside of your cock’s head is facing up towards the ceiling. Now, use your fingers to tap or drum lightly against the head of your cock through your boxers – the combo of the tapping and the resistance of your underwear can lead to a hard and fast orgasm.

Part 2: Intermediate Level Masturbation Techniques

OK – so you’ve mastered the basics, and are looking for a bit more excitement to ‘level up’ your wanking sessions. Great! We’ve compiled some of the more advanced masturbation methods that are guaranteed to introduce some new sensations, and which are doubtlessly going to bring you to harder, more intense orgasms. We’re not quite at the expert material yet… but getting the hang of some of these techniques will definitely take you a little further along the path of self-pleasure.

Milk It

(Lube recommended)

This isn’t the simplest masturbation technique out there, but once you get used to it, there’s no doubt about the fact that it can quickly become a firm favourite.

In order to do this masturbation method, you need to interlink your fingers together, so that the palms of your hands meet at the top (if that makes sense). Next, bring the bottoms of your palms together, with your thumbs facing upwards, and you’re ready to get wanking. The position of your hands will create a hole, which you can imagine to be the tight, smooth vagina or a beautiful woman, or a tempting, taboo anus, or a hot and willing mouth. Stick your cock inside, and use a ‘milking’ motion to coax the cum from your penis. You can adjust your hands to make it tighter or looser, depending on how you like it, and how thick you are. 

Rubbin’ The Belly

(Lube recommended)

You can probably guess what this masturbation technique requires just from the name alone, and while it’s relatively simple, it’s a really pleasurable way to get yourself off. Simply lie by, and rub the engorged head of your cock over the skin of your belly, massaging it and moving it in a circular motion… or whatever feels best for you, essentially. If you want, you can intensify the sensation by using your hand to stimulate your frenulum (which will be facing upwards) and making the most of the sensitive nerve endings there. Just be prepared for a bit of a mess on your chest afterwards…

The Wine Cork

(Lube recommended)

This is a real vintage masturbation technique (see what we did there?) that will bring more pleasure than any well-aged bottle of Bordeaux ever could. As you might have guessed, it’s inspired by the motion of removing a cork from the neck of a bottle of wine, and if you’re able to master this technique, you’re well on the way to a whole world of masturbatory pleasure.

It’s all about the twist and pull – so place the palm of your hand on the tip of your cock, and stretch your fingers down around the head in a spiralling shape. Now, repeatedly twist your fingers up and over the glans, as if you’re pulling an imaginary cork from a bottle. Continue to do this motion until you orgasm… and you should experience a very intense climax. Interestingly, this is a motion we’ve seen lots of experienced porn starlets performing on men, and if anyone knows anything about pleasing a cock to ejaculation, it’s them. Try it and see for yourself!

The Cascade

(Lube not necessary)

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Wanking in the shower is a great way to start the day, and an equally satisfying way to unwind after work… or whenever you feel like it, really. This masturbation technique makes use of the constant pressure and pleasant sensations of warm water, and it’s really very easy to bring into your masturbating practices.

Next time you’re in the shower, put your head under the shower so a constant stream of warm water is running down your body. Angle your head forward a little, in order to create a steady waterfall that runs off your head and down past your body – you should be able to position your cock beneath this cascade of water, and then wank to your heart’s delight. The running water will tickle your glans and provide a highly pleasant sensation that will really heighten your orgasm. The best part? No need to clean up afterwards…

Double Trouble

(Lube recommended)

Did you ever used to try that trick of patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time as a kid? It’s a quick way to turn your brain into a pretzel, twisting it into new shapes that bring about new sensations. This masturbation technique isn’t a whole lot different, and requires you to use two simultaneous actions to bring about plenty of pleasure to your cock.

All you really have to do is jerk off your shaft with one hand (keeping your grip fairly loose, and your hand nicely full of lube), and use the other to rub the head of the penis in a circular motion. The combination of these two sensations definitely blows the mind after a minute or two, and it’s a great way to train your brain into carrying out two separate actions at once!

Pumping the Pillow

(Lube not necessary)

This is, according to many masturbation forums we’ve been reading) actually one of the most popular hands-free masturbation techniques out there, and it’s a great way to simulate sex, as well as work on your thrusting and pumping technique.

Kneel next to your bed (you might want to put a pillow or a blanket beneath your knees for adding comfort), and place your favourite pillow on the mattress. It helps if your pillowcases are especially soft, but if you also like a bit of friction from rougher cotton, that’s fine, too. Place your erect penis beneath the pillow, so you are able to thrust between the pillow and the mattress, and push down on the top of the pillow with your hand to create the sensation of tightness. Now, pump and thrust away to your heart’s content, until you give yourself a nice, big, wet orgasm. You might want to slip your cock in a sock or a condom if you don’t fancy cleaning up… or you could just ‘pull out’ at the last minute and wank once you’re past the point of no return.

Icy Balls

(Lube not necessary)

You’ve probably heard of adventurous couples bringing ice cubes into the bedroom, in order to spice things up a bit and experiment with temperature changes on certain parts of the body. There’s a lot of sense behind this, as sudden changes in temperature can stimulate nerve endings in dramatic ways, leading to greater intensity of pleasure and more extreme orgasms. As such, why not consider bringing ice cubes into the bedroom when you’re jerking off, to see whether it’s something that works for you?

We wouldn’t recommend dipping your penis into an ice bucket (although if you want to, who are we to judge?) but rather masturbate in a classic method, and just before you orgasm, pressing some ice against your balls, perenium, or F-Spot for a few seconds. The shock of cold will cause your muscles to contract more intensely, forcing a stronger orgasm from your cock. It’s seriously frosty fun!


(Lube optional)

Ever wanted to know how to jerk off so that it feels as though someone else has your cock in their hand? This popular masturbation method is a surefire way of achieving exactly that – and it really isn’t all that difficult to do.

Sit right on the edge of your bed or a chair, and reach your dominant arm beneath your leg, in order to grab your dick from below. Some people will have to bend over a bit awkwardly in order to get the position right. All that there’s left to do is utilise your favourite wanking style from this slightly strange position – just remember you won’t be especially mobile when bent like a pretzel, so be careful of sudden movements! You’ll find that this masturbation method is one of the best when it comes to feeling as though someone else is doing the deed for you… now, close your eyes, search the wank bank for an appropriate scenario, and enjoy!

The Masher

(Lube not necessary)

If you’re on the lookout for a masturbation method which will prolong your pleasure, and which will stop you from cumming all too quickly, this might just be the one. It’s also a great technique for those long, leisurely wanks we all enjoy when there’s just not much else to do.

Simply grab your cock by the base, and move your hand up and down in relatively small, slight movements, covering on the bottom quarter of your shaft. The idea here is to massively reduce (or totally remove) any stimulation from the glans of the penis. You might be able to orgasm just from doing this, especially if it’s been a while since your last wank, but otherwise, switch up to the head of the penis when you’re ready to blow.


(Lube optional)

Sometimes, the pathway to new sensations and new types of masturbatory pleasure is simply about switching things up a bit, and moving your hand and penis in new ways. This masturbation position really epitomises this very neatly – it just involves angling your hand differently as you jerk off, but the difference in sensation is really quite spectacular!

Just grab your penis in an ‘overhand’ position, with your wrist bending down to grab your glans and shaft from above, rather than from below as usual. Now stroke your penis upwards and downwards as you normally would, with some lube if you feel it would help your cock on the way to happytown.


(Lube recommended)

Who didn’t love playing with play-doh or silly putty as children? It was the best – the way you could roll it in your hands, make models with it, smash it into mushy piles of multicoloured goop… ah, I can almost smell it now. Well, this masturbation method helps you revisit those golden days of hand-based play, and encourages you to roll your cock between your hands, just like you were making a long, fat sausage of play-doh. Nice.

You’ll most likely need plenty of lube for this one, otherwise the sensation might not really be all that pleasant. It’s definitely one of the more unusual masturbation techniques on this list, but it’s a good one to stick in your repertoire for when you fancy mixing it up a bit and having a good ol’ play with your dong.

Slow It Down

(Lube optional)

This isn’t necessarily a new position, method, or technique for masturbation, but rather a new approach which is so often overlooked. Two words: SLOW. DOWN.

What’s the rush? Unless you’re still living at home and need to crack one out before your parents come upstairs, it’s unlikely you’re in any real hurry to orgasm. What’s more, it’s a truth universally acknowledged that, the longer you take playing with your penis and jerking your shaft, the better it’s going to feel when you eventually orgasm. In fact, the more time you take, and the more ‘edging’ etc you do, the more mind-blowing that climax is going to be… so take a deep breath, lie back, and just cool your boots. It’s a marathon, not a sprint… and that’s why crossing the finish line is going to feel so much better.

Stranger’s Hand

(Lube optional)

OK – we’re edging towards more expert-level territory here. You know when you fall asleep in a weird position like lying on your arm, or with your hand above your head, and when you wake up, you’ve lost all sensation in that particular limb? Well, this masturbation method is all about making the most of that awkward experience, and turning it into something a whole lot more enjoyable.

When your arm and hand goes numb, trying to masturbate with that hand is going to feel like someone else is doing it, simply because you can’t feel anything yourself. You can achieve this effect by purposefully lying on one arm for five to ten minutes until it goes numb, or you can just remind yourself to get wanking next time you wake up with a dead hand. Use lube if you want, but be warned it can get messy as you don’t exactly have full control of one of your limbs!

Pleasing the Perineum

(Lube not necessary)

Over the past few years, men have been exploring their bodies in far greater detail than perhaps ever before – and that can only be a good thing. In fact, you’ve probably already heard about the pleasurable potential of the prostate (also known as the male G-spot) which sits about three inches up on the inside of the anus. Now, this masturbation technique makes use of the prostate without anything having to go up your ass, which, if you’re still a bit uncomfortable with anal play, makes everyone a winner.

Your perineum (also known as the taint, or gooch) sits between the scrotum and the anus, and is a highly sensitive area which presses against the prostate. By rubbing or pressing against the perineum, you should be able to find a point which feels utterly delicious when touched, and which can really take your orgasms to the next level. So next time you’re wanking, reach down and start rubbing… you’ll quickly see for yourself how good it feels!

Get Your Vibe On

(Lube not necessary)

Despite things really changing a lot in the way men and women approach sex and masturbation over the past few years, there’s still a sense of hesitation from most men when it comes to bringing sex toys into their masturbation methods. Is it because us men are a bit intimidated by battery-powered devices for the bedroom? Or do we just associate them with women’s pleasure, and not our own? Either way, we’d encourage all men to be a bit more open-minded, and consider getting hold of a small, non-intimidating buller vibrator as a great ‘starter’ option.

This small vibrators are great for heightening male pleasure and bringing about rip-roaring orgasms, which instantly dispel any hesitation you might have had about rubbing them on your cock! Simply run the bullet up and down your shaft as you’re wanking, and bring it up to make circular motions across your glans. Want to experience powerful pleasurable sensations that will make you cum hard, fast, and intensely? Gently press the bullet vibe against your F-Spot as you jerk your cock. Incredible!

Sofa, So Good

(Lube not necessary)

If you’ve got a decent-sized couch or sofa with cushions that have spaces between them, you’ve actually got yourself a perfect masturbation device waiting for you in your living room! Think we’re joking? Just try kneeling in front of your trusty sofa (again, with a cushion beneath your knees, unless you’re into being in physical discomfort while wanking), sticking your cock in one of the cushion gaps, and pumping away until you bust your nut.

The nice thing about this masturbation method is that it applies pressure mainly to the sides of your cock, rather than to the top and bottom of your shaft as usual. It’s also a great way to achieve that much-desired hands-free orgasm… although you might want to pull out and jerk your dick to finish yourself off, as sofa cushions are really difficult to clean. Trust us on that one!

Part 3: Advanced Techniques for Masturbation

OK guys, it’s time to level up, challenge your cocks, and start taking wanking to a whole new level of pleasure and excitement. You’ve mastered the basics. The intermediate level brought some thrills. But these expert positions and masturbation methods are going to blow your mind, treat your cock to a world of new sensations, and open you up to new ideas and approaches to self-pleasure that will totally, entirely, and permanently shift your perspective on what it means to jerk off. Are you ready? Damn right you are!

The Kneeler

(Lube recommended)

This particular position can feel a little bit like a beginner’s yoga pose at first, which is no bad thing. It just means it can take a little getting used to… which is exactly why it’s the first masturbation technique in our expert section. Kneel down on the floor, and use your heels to spread apart your butt cheeks as far as is possible without it being really uncomfortable. To be blunt, you want your asshole to be on full display from behind, as this is what’s going to stimulate your perineum.

Once you’re reasonably comfortable, you can start jerking off in whatever way best suits you. As you wank, you’ll notice that your perineum is being tingled and tickled in a very, very pleasant way… something which is always going to guarantee full-on orgasms. This is one of those positions you should experiment with every now and then, but be careful – plenty of experienced wankers have claimed it can cause a bit of dizzyness.

The Fake BJ

(Lube recommended)

At first appearance, this masturbation method seems very simple, and even somewhat self-explanatory. However, it actually takes quite a lot of skill and concentration to get right, so pay close attention.

The idea of this technique is to closely simulate a blowjob, which means making your hand feel like the hot, willing, and eager mouth of whoever’s lips you’re keen to stick your cock between. In order to achieve the best results, you want to form your finger and thumb in the ‘OK’ position we looked at right at the start of this list. Pull them down over the glans of your penis, imagining they are a wide open mouth, preparing to swallow your cock. The trick here is to really simulate a real blowjob, with slight pressure, slowness, and lots of sensuality… get it right, and you’ll be in wanker’s heaven.

The French Tickle

(Lube recommended)

This is another one of those positions that can make you feel as though you’re patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time, and can be a bit of a mind-twister while you’re learning to master it. However, if you’re looking to hit those sweet spots that only simultaneous sensations can achieve, this one is sure to delight your senses and get you cumming hard in no time at all!

In order to do the French Tickle, you want to wank your cock in the overhand technique outlined earlier, with your hand stroking your penis from above, rather than from below. Use a corkscrew technique to add maximum pleasure. With your free hand, you need to tickle the base of your cock (and you can also press and rub your perineum and play with your balls, too), which will get you to the point of no return in a very satisfying manner.

The Crazy Frog

(Lube optional)

This expert wanking position is also going to make you feel like an enlightened yogi of sex, mainly because, once again, it’s all about positioning the body in ways that can really heighten your pleasure.

If you’re able to, squat right down on your haunches, so you’re in a frog-like position balancing on your feet. A lot of regular guys are going to find this difficult without support, so see if you can do it leaning against a wall or your bed frame first. Once in the correct position, masturbate as normal, and when you’re about to orgasm, tighten and tense your leg muscles to heighten and intensify your climax. This can be a very powerful way to masturbate your penis, but will be tiring after a few minutes, so maybe save it for those times when you know you’re going to come very, very quickly.

Banana Splitz

(Lube optional)

Who said using fruit and vegetables for masturbation was just for girls? This unique and fun masturbation method makes brilliant use of the humble banana, turning it into an exciting and taboo sex toy that would put even the most advanced male stroker device to shame.

In order to turn your main source of potassium into a stroker, you’ll need to select your fruit pretty carefully. You will need a banana which is roughly the same size – or larger – than your penis, and one which is either fully ripe or quite overripe. The texture of underripe bananas is going to be, quite frankly, horrible on your cock. Once you’ve chosen your fruity new friend, cut the ends off with a sharp knife, cut a long slit down the length of the banana, and remove the fruit from inside. Presto – you’ve now got a slippery sheath you can wank your cock with, and the banana juice is even going to provide a nice bit of lube for you to enjoy, too.

Put a Ring on It

(Lube optional)

Cock rings are great fun, and a cool and simple sex toy to bring into your wanking sessions. They can be ordered from most good sex toy websites, and come in a range of different sizes and styles, too, meaning it’s really easy to find a ring that fits you perfectly.

Cock rings are all about constriction, and ensuring that your erections stay rock-solid for as long as you want them to. They’re a little bit kinky, too, meaning you get the added pleasure of exploring some taboo new sensations while you’re indulging in a solo sex session. All you need to do in order to use a cock ring to its full effect is slip on onto your erect cock, and ensure it stays snug at the base, stopping the blood from leaving your boner. Once set up, it’s time for a hardcore wank like never before!

The Pillow Partner

(Lube not necessary)

Sometimes, the very best wanks come about from methods which closely resemble real sex with a real person. We’ve all seen the next-generation silicone dolls and sex robots out there, which are doubtlessly plenty of fun, but actually, they might not be necessary thanks to this popular method.

Take a regular-sized pillow, with a pillow case on it. Insert your hard penis into the space between the pillow-case flap and the soft pillow itself, and start humping away. You can pretend very easily that you’re having sex with whatever partner you like to fantasize about, and the friction of the fabric against your cock will make you orgasm pretty quickly.

Prostate Playtime

(Lube optional)

Seeing as you’ve gotten this far, I think it’s fair to say that you’re someone who takes wanking pretty seriously, and who is always looking for ways to take their sexual pleasure to the next level. As such, it’s highly likely you’re already familiar with the prostate, or the male G-Spot, as it’s sometimes known.

For the uninitiated, the prostate sits a couple of inches up inside the anus, on the anterior side, and when manipulated, can create highly pleasurable sensations for men. Prostate play experts even claim it can result in completely hands-free orgasms, dry orgasms (which produce no semen, and which can be repeated over and over again) and many more exciting results. Basically, if you aren’t already playing with your prostate, well, you really should be.

You can manipulate your prostate in many different ways. However, the most reliable (and safe) methods for prostate masturbation would be with the use of a dedicated and specialised prostate toy, which can slip up your anus and help you reach new heights of ecstasy. Give it a try, and we promise you’ll never look back!

In Conclusion…

Well, there you have it – forty hot and steamy, fun, exciting, and experimental methods of masturbation that’ll have you looking at how you play with your cock in a whole new light! Learning what works for you sexually, and what gets your juices flowing, is a hugely important aspect of sexuality. By trying out new positions, experiencing new sensations, and thinking outside the box when it comes to playing with ourselves, we’re able to get to know our bodies a whole lot better… which pays off massively when it comes to both pleasing ourselves, and pleasing others, too. Remember, not all of the techniques listed above are going to work for you, and some might be the absolute opposite of what you want for your cock and your wanking sessions. If something’s not feeling right, causing you pain, or real discomfort, be sure to stop and try something else. After all, there are plenty of ways to wank… and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect method for you and your orgasmic pleasure.

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